Rusted Moose Ski Lodge - Killington Vermont

Come Join Our Ski House for the 2014 - 2015 Winter Season

Join Rusted Moose Winter Season Share House for the Winter Season 

What's a share house?  A share house is your winter season social outlet, hanging with other outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy Skiing, Snowboarding, Snow shoeing.  It's not a hotel or a motel, we don't rent by the week, weekend or day.  You are basically renting a bed in the house for the season (Nov-May, 6 Months).  It's the most economical way to enjoy a full season of skiing.  You bring your own food, bedding and gear.  Once you get your share house and ski pass, every weekend on the mountain is very inexpensive. Who are the other members in the house?  We all become friends.  Guys and girls, skiers and snowboarders from MA, NH, RI,NY and NJ. We range in age from 20's to 50.  Click the Contact Us tab to learn more and sign up.

Summer Tile at the House